What Should You Do If You Doubt?

How many Christians experience doubt? A study by Barna concluded that two-thirds of Christians have currently or previously doubted their faith in God. During these periods of doubt, nearly half stopped going to church and three in ten stopped reading the Bible and praying. Whether it's your faith in God's existence or faith in His promises, what should you do if you experience doubt?

Jesus says, "Come and see."

As Jesus sat down to rest by a well, a woman came to get water. Jesus spoke to her and offered her "living water" that He said would make her never thirst again. To the woman, this seemed like an impossible feat and she questioned His words. However, instead of quickly getting her water and leaving, she stayed and listened to Jesus. Since faith comes by hearing, her choice to stay saved her life. Through His words, Jesus helped her see that what He promised was a reality.

The woman was so excited she went and told others in her town. She said to them, "Come, see a Man who told me all things..." (John 4:29 NKJV). Many believed in Jesus by her words, but many others believed after they heard from Jesus personally. "Now we believe, not because of what you said, for we ourselves have heard Him..." (John 4:42).

Barna's study concluded that those surveyed handled doubt better when they had pastors, friends, family, and others to turn to. Those who were "unchurched" or those who didn't have a person to lean on, struggled more with getting through a period of doubt. Church, family, and friends are definitely a much needed support in our lives. But the ultimate key to overcoming doubt is His Word. In the study, those who had someone to turn to likely heard the Word of God.

Satan wants nothing more than to plant seeds of doubt in you. But God has already given you the power to overcome with His sword, the Word of God.

Come, see, and speak.

If you are experiencing doubt, don't be Jonah and run the other direction in defeat. Come to God, putting distractions aside, and allow Him to help you see the reality of His wonderful promises. Find specific scripture that addresses what you are doubting. Meditate on those promises, and then speak them. Repeatedly preach them to yourself! With God's Word, you will overcome Satan's lies that lead to doubt and defeat.

Originally published August 3, 2017.