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Tools to Teach

Kids About the Bible


About us

HSM provides tools to teach kids about the Bible.

Jesus not only wants us to believe He is Lord but to spend our lives following Him. However, many times knowledge gets in the way - either the lack of knowledge or the wrong kind of knowledge.


The Lord says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

HSM was founded with the intent to provide simple and easy-to-understand teaching tools. We have a goal of assisting parents, caregivers, teachers, and leaders in equipping young minds with biblical knowledge that will guide them in developing a personal relationship with the Lord and boldly follow Jesus in faith, hope, and love.

About Us


Make Disciples

Kids are never too young for God to work in their lives!

There is a war going on for your child's heart and mind. Most people form their values and beliefs before they reach the age of 20. Are your kids developing a lasting faith and becoming prepared to follow Jesus despite worldly influences?


Cookies and Milk
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Written as short, easy-to-understand devotionals, this blog was created to help you and your family look at ordinary things in everyday life and see Jesus. And it includes a free printable worksheet for kids!

Scripture Cards

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Faith for Healing


It does not matter how big or small a sickness is. God wants you to be healed, and He has given you the sword of the Spirit to help you. Order your set of Faith for Healing cards today, and use them as a tool to receive the work that Jesus has already done for you.

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Do you want to get involved in  providing teaching tools for kids around the world? We are looking for volunteers!


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