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Faith for Healing

Scripture Cards

| 24 Double-Sided Cards + Carrying Bag |

The scripture cards were created to help you:
1. memorize scripture.
2. make your faith stronger.
3. use the sword of the Spirit.
4. experience healing.


Kids & Adults

Scripture Cards

Your Faith Has Healed You

A woman who had been sick for twelve years had still not given up hope. She had the faith that Jesus could heal her. After she touched Jesus' robe, He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well."

It does not matter how big or small your sickness is, it is possible for you to receive healing through faith just as the woman did. 


Make Your Faith Stronger

Since faith comes from God's Word (Romans 10:17),  scripture cards are a great way to build up your faith. The cards help focus your attention on specific scripture that pertains to your situation. In the Faith for Healing Cards set, there are 19 double-sided cards with scripture on the front side and encouraging words on the back side. 

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Use the Sword of the Spirit

Did you know that when you are sick you could be lied to? Many of those lies come as thoughts in your mind. If you are sick, you have a job to do. Get rid of those lies and start speaking the truth! If you believe in Jesus, God has given you a sword. And you can use His sword to fight against those lies by speaking God's Word.


Speak the Scripture

Speak the Bible verses on the scripture cards to use the sword of the Spirit. Speak the scripture as often as you need to, and tell the lies to go away! You are a child of God, and Christ already died for your sickness. Have faith, speak what you believe, and see the promises of God manifest in your life. There is power in God's Word!

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Memorize Scripture

As you read and speak the healing scriptures on these cards, you will find it easier to memorize the verses and get them in your heart. Then you will have God's sword ready to use the second that you need to.

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For Kids and Adults

The cards were created with kids in mind but are also a great tool for adults.

This set includes:

  • 1 double-sided title card

  • 3 double-sided instruction cards

  • 19 double-sided scripture cards

  • 1 double-sided blank card (to write additional scripture that you want to speak for your specific situation)

  • A cloth carrying bag for the cards


Order Your Set Today

You may be experiencing a very serious sickness or disease, or you may have something less severe like a cold. It does not matter how big or small your sickness is. God wants you to be healed, and He has given you the sword of the Spirit to help you. Order your set of Faith for Healing cards today, and use them as a tool to receive the work that Jesus has already done for you.

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