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We Need

Your Help

 Are you looking for ways to use the gifts God has given you? We sincerely need you! We need your help in getting biblical tools to kids around the world. There are a variety of ways you can get involved and most of them will not cost you any money. Each one is important and truly makes a difference! We are so thankful that you are considering partnering with us to share the Good News of Christ!

Be in the Podcast

Be In The Podcast

We are so thankful to have thousands listening to "The Knowing God Podcast for Kids". This resource helps kids become disciples of Jesus and develop their own relationship with the Lord. And you can be a part of this! Kids - send us your pre-written or pre-recorded questions or comments and be on the podcast with us!

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Develop Worksheets

Do you have experience making worksheets? We would love for you to help us! HSM provides free bible worksheets to kids around world, and we could use your help making them! These worksheets help reinforce what kids learn in the Bible and are important in many different settings.

Write for the HSM Blog

Do you have a passion for writing and encouraging others? We would love for you to become a blog contributor! Submit short Bible-based articles as often as you'd like for publication on the HSM blog.

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SHARE YOur Thoughts

Your thoughts help us improve our resources, make new ones, and gain the trust of those who need our teaching tools. Sharing your thoughts will help share the Word of God with others! Please consider doing this because it has such a big impact in so many ways.

Free Book

or Bible

We will never say no to a free book request! If you know someone who could use a children's bible or a book on our website but simply can't afford it, please tell them about our free book request!  

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Spread the word

Some kids could use our resources but don't - simply because they don't know about them. You can help us spread the word by sharing on social media. You can make a new post or share one of ours.

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Website costs, book production, podcast expenses, and giving away free resources are a few of the costs we encounter. We greatly appreciate a gift of any amount as it helps us to spread God's Word and cover the expenses of running a ministry. The money you give goes directly into Hide and Seek Ministries.

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Link to Our Website

Are you a church, organization, blogger, or person who has their own website? Consider putting a link to the HSM website on your website to help kids find the resources they need.

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