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What do you want to talk about?

Do you have a question or comment that you would like to be featured in the podcast? We would love for you to be in an episode! Not only will it be fun for you, but it will help other kids around the world.

3 Ways to be in an episode

Send us a question or topic request, and we'll include what you said/wrote in an episode as we talk about it! Or maybe tell us a story or about an experience you've had, and we'll see what the Bible says about it. You can even tell Greyson a joke! Below are three ways you can be in an episode.

Tube Microphone in Studio


Send us an audio file of your child asking a question, telling a story, etc and we will play it during the episode. Upload your file on the form below.

Laptop Writing


Type your question, topic, story, joke, etc on the form below and we will read it during the episode as we discuss it.

Writing by the Water


Send us a handwritten letter and we'll read it during the episode as we discuss it!

Hide and Seek Ministries

PO Box 1835

Springfield, MO 65807

*By sending us a letter, you agree to give HSM permission to read the letter on one or more episodes of the Knowing God Podcast for Kids.

Submit Podcast Form

Be In the Podcast

Use this form to upload your audio recording or to type a message that you want to include in an episode.

* Due to COPPA rules, we do not collect identifying information from anyone under 13. Therefore, please include something like the following for your name:

  • "A curious kid in Arizona"

  • "A student in Canada"

  • "A 10 year old in New Zealand"

**Email is required in case we have questions about your submission. We will never share your email with anyone. We will also send you an email if your message is chosen to be featured in an upcoming episode.

Would you like to type us a message to be included in a podcast episode?

Would you like to send us a recording of your voice to be included in an episode?

1. Upload your audio file using this form (the purple button below), OR

2. Email us your audio file


(If your are unsure how to record your voice, search for a free voice recorder app on your smartphone. Using the app, record and save your message. Then upload or email it to us.)


For voice recordings, please select one of the options below.

Upload a File
Do you give HSM permission to use some or all of your typed and/or audio message during one or more episodes of "The Knowing God Podcast for Kids"?
If you have uploaded an audio file, do you give HSM permission to edit the audio file if needed (such as reducing background noise and/or eliminating long pauses)?

Thank you for sending us a message. We can't wait to read or listen to it! We will send you an email if we have included your message in an upcoming podcast episode.

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