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Hidden Treasure Quest



Search through the Bible as if searching for hidden treasure. (Proverbs 2)

Kids shouldn't believe because their parents say so. They should believe because they personally know it's true.

"Hidden Treasure Quest is a clear explanation and invitation to Biblical faith in our Creator. The narrative approach is compelling; the science aspects are well done. May this project help shape the next generation of Christian leaders."

- Don B. DeYoung, Ph.D.

President, Creation Research Society

"Hidden Treasure Quest is not only well written, fun, and simple to understand, it is deeply grounded in God's Word. With this life-changing book series, your 9-14 year old will grow and strengthen their walk with Jesus and is perfect for the entire family!"

- Shannen Fields

Actress, Producer, Speaker

Lead Actress in Facing the Giants

Hidden Treasure Quest is an engaging and in-depth book series for ages 9 to 14 that focuses on helping kids develop their own personal relationship with God through knowledge of God's Word.

Ways to Read

Ways to Read

Read at Home

Hidden Treasure Quest is easy to understand so kids have the option of reading them independently. They are also great to read together as a family.

Great for Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, Youth Groups, or Small Groups. Get a free Church Guide and Teacher's Guide. We also offer church discounts. Contact us for your coupon code before ordering for a church/church group.

Read during Homeschool

The books and study guides can be used as Bible curriculum. Read on your own schedule or see the Teacher's Guide for lesson plans.

Read at Church

Hidden Treasure Quest is an effective and fun discipleship tool that will help readers:

  • Develop their own relationship with God

  • Become equipped with powerful biblical knowledge

  • Learn to apply God's Word to their lives

  • Be prepared to face worldly influences and distractions

  • Learn to defend their faith

  • Become excited about knowing Jesus

  • Understand who they are in Christ

  • Learn to know God through Creation, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

Book One


Knowing God Through Creation

Join a thirteen-year-old boy named Ben as you learn about God by exploring how and why He made all of creation. Learn why you were made, how to hear from God, how to use God’s sword, how the Bible describes dinosaurs, and much more! 

Study Guide Book One Front Cover smaller

Book One Study Guide

Eighty pages that include:

  • Review questions
  • Further Bible study questions
  • Bible activities
  • A special section about knowing why you believe

Book One

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Hidden Treasure Quest 1 Front Cover.png

Knowing God Through


Join Ben in this second book as he discovers how to know God by exploring the life of Jesus. Learn about prayer, how faith works, what it means to be a light, how to find God’s path for your life, Jesus’ existence in history, and much more! 

Front Cover HTQ Study Guide Book Two.png

Book Two Study Guide

Eighty nine pages that include:

  • Review questions
  • Further Bible study questions
  • Bible activities

Book Two

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Book Three

Book Three Front Cover.png

Knowing God Through the Holy Spirit

Coming soon!

Book Three

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Coming in 2020!

Book Two

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